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Volunteer At JoeFest

We need your help to put on the best JoeFest yet, and we’re giving away free entry to say thank you.

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The date for next year’s JoeFest has been announced, and we’ll once again be returning to Stourton Estates from Friday 10th – Sunday 12th August.

As you may know, JoeFest is a family-run festival. We’re not a big corporate giant, and so were it not for the willing volunteers who very kindly give up their time and effort, it would be impossible for us to put the festival on. We really can’t do it without your help.

Although JoeFest 2018 is a long way away (10 months, at the time of writing), there’s a lot of work to be done between now and then. We’re planning for next year’s to be the biggest yet, so there will be more activities to run, more pints to pour and more fences to put up. When next summer arrives, we want to make sure that we’re as prepared as possible.

What Will I Be Doing?

Because we’re still in the early stages of planning we don’t yet have a fully-comprehensive list of jobs we’ll need doing, but it’s likely to include all the usual suspects: Scanning tickets, working behind the bar, helping to keep the site clean and tidy – you know the drill.

Shift lengths do vary, and are still TBC, but you certainly won’t be doing a full working day, and there’ll be plenty of time to enjoy the festival. Last year’s longest shift was four hours, and that’s not a bad guide for working at the festival this year.

What Do I Get For Volunteering?

Long story short – free entry.

If you volunteered last year, you might remember that to say thank you we were able to offer you a discounted ticket. This year, we’re really pleased to be able to go a big step further and thank everyone who volunteers during the festival with a full refund of their ticket price.

Initially you will still need to purchase a ticket for the length of time you’d like to attend. However, once you’ve completed your shift we’ll refund your money in full, including the booking fee.

What Do You Need From Me?

At this stage, we just want to know who might be interested in getting involved. We’re not looking for a firm commitment, although if you’re 100% up for it that’s obviously great. We just want to know, roughly, how many volunteers we might be able to call on next summer.

Very importantly, you must be 18 years old (or older) at the time of the festival in order to volunteer at JoeFest 2018. If you’ll be 17 or younger in August we really appreciate your enthusiasm but, unfortunately, we won’t be able to sign you up as a volunteer on this occasion.

Please do take a moment to fill in this form – commitment free – and we’ll get back to you in the next few weeks, once we’re ready to take our planning to the next stage.

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