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Things To Know Before You Set Off

We’ve put together a page containing all the information we think you need to know before heading off to JoeFest.

It contains information on what you can and can’t bring, as well as when to arrive by and how to get here.

You might also find it useful to take a look at our FAQs, and if you have any questions please shout.

Getting to JoeFest

As you get into the general vicinity of Stourton Estates please follow the signs by the road, not your sat nav. Unless your sat nav runs from Google Maps and you’ve searched for ‘JoeFest’, it will almost certainly take you to the wrong site entrance.

Also, there are no footpaths leading to the estate, so taking public transport all the way there might not be advisable.

We’ve given this subject a whole page to itself here.

Getting In With Your Ticket

Tickets to JoeFest are non-transferable, and our security staff will be checking ID to ensure that your name matches the name on your ticket. Please make sure you remember to bring photo ID with you to the festival.

Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • A passport
  • A photocard driving licence
  • Any ID bearing the PASS hologram

If you do not have ID we will not be able to admit you to the festival, so please don’t forget it.

Please arrive before 11pm

One of the conditions of our licence to operate the festival, which is granted by the local council, is that nobody may be admitted to the site after 11pm.

For that reason, we’d be very grateful if you could make sure you arrive before 11pm. Entry will begin again at 8am the following morning for weekend ticket holders, and 11am for day ticket holders.

Who’s Playing When

We haven’t yet released our stage times, but we’ll let you know when we do.

What we can tell you is that no two acts are going to be on at the same time, so you won’t have to miss any of the performers at JoeFest 2018.

Campervans and Caravans

Because of limited capacity, if you are bringing a campervan/caravan please make sure you book a space before setting off.


The safety of all our guests at JoeFest is obviously very important, and for that reason anyone attending the festival under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (aged 18+) at all times.

We don’t have any hard and fast rules about how many children each adult should accompany, but if you’re one adult looking after an entire primary school, you’ll understand if we’re a little bit dubious about your capacity to accompany everybody at the same time.


Smoking is permitted at JoeFest, although there are certain areas of the site where it is not permitted, such as inside marquees/tents and where food is being served.

We’ll make this very obvious by putting signs up.

Sexual Harassment

JoeFest has a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment, and anyone identified as having engaged in this activity will be asked to leave the festival site.


You may bring your own alcohol to consume in the campsite, provided you are aged 18+ and we consider it a reasonable amount for one person to be able to drink over the course of a weekend. If you turn up with half the Tesco booze aisle, we may restrict the amount you can bring in to the festival. Alcohol may not be taken either into or out of the arena.

Alcohol will be available to purchase within the arena for persons aged 18 or over. Please make sure you bring proof of age with you, as we will be checking ID regularly.

It is illegal to purchase alcohol on behalf of someone who is under the age of 18.


Food will be available to purchase on site. You may also bring a small BBQ or cooking appliance to use within our designated BBQ area.

Please note that will be no cash points on site at JoeFest, and whether you can pay by card will be very much dependent on individual food vendors.


Unless it’s in your spectacles, or the windscreen of your campervan, absolutely no glass is to be brought on site at any time. For most of the year the JoeFest site is home to a large number of deer, and if there was to be a breakage and a deer decided to eat the glass it could very easily be fatal.

For the same reason, it’s really important that we keep the site clean and tidy, so we’d be very grateful if you could make sure you put your litter in the bin and dispose of your cigarette ends in one of the buckets provided.


Please do not bring animals with you to JoeFest, unless they are assistance animals such as a guide dog.

Banned and Illegal Substances

Drugs detection dogs will be operating at JoeFest, including at the entrance to the site. You may also be asked to undergo a search before entering the festival.

We would kindly ask that you avoid bringing any of the following prohibited items:

Aerosols over 250ml, airhorns, fireworks, flares, glass, illegal substances, drugs, ‘legal highs’, anything which we might deem to count as an offensive weapon, laser equipment or pens, megaphones, nitrous oxide, sky or ‘Chinese’ lanterns, sound systems, spray cans, tabards or high visibility jackets, portable generators.

Obviously, this page is no substitute for the terms and conditions, which we must also ask you to study very carefully.

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