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JoeFest 2019: Terms and Conditions of Entry

Updated: 19/08/2018

By attending and/or purchasing a ticket for JoeFest 2019 (JF19),  you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

The use of ‘attendee(s)’ in these terms and conditions refers to anyone in attendance at JF18, in whichever capacity.

JoeFest reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of entry to the event at any time, and for whatever reason. Any amended terms and conditions will still apply to you, even if you purchased your ticket in advance of the changes taking place.

Festival Details

JoeFest 2019 will take place at:

Stourton Estates Ltd, Baumber, Horncastle, LN9 5NL


09/08/2018 – 11/08/2018


JF19 reserves the right to refuse entry to and/or evict attendees from the event without refund either in whole or in part, and in any circumstances.


The billed artists, performers and attractions at JF19 may be changed, without notice, at any time.

By attending JF19 you agree that your image/likeness may be recorded, including by authorised third parties, for use at any time and for any purpose, free of charge. You agree that JoeFest will have the right to use any such material captured in any capacity and in perpetuity.

You are not permitted to trade or exact business during JF19, except with the express permission of the organisers.

No dog or any other pet or animal may be brought onto the site unless it is an assistance animal, such as a guide dog, and only with the express permission of JF19 management.

Attendees are requested to use the designated refuse disposal/recycling points whilst at JF19.

JF19 accepts no responsibility for goods purchased from, services rendered by or transactions conducted with third party traders operating on site.

Toilet facilities will be provided at JF19. Nobody will be permitted to go to the toilet anywhere other than the designated toilet facilities, or in any appropriate camping facilities which they may have bought to site themselves, such as an on-board toilet in a caravan.

A curfew will be imposed on the performance or playing of live or recorded music by anybody on site, with the exception of performances on recognised JF19 stages, from 23:00 hours until 10:00 hours daily.

Tickets and Admission

Unless specified otherwise, tickets are valid for admission to the JoeFest 2018 music festival, to be held at Stourton Estates Ltd in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, LN9 5PB from 12:00 on 9th August 2019, including overnight camping, until midday on 11th August 2019.

Day tickets are valid only for the specified day for which they have been sold, and until 02:00 the following day. Before or after such time they will be considered invalid and persons in possession of such tickets will be requested to leave the site.

Unless you are already in possession of a JF19 wristband, there will be no admission to the festival site between the hours of 22:00 – 10:00

Tickets purchased from vendors other than Eventbrite, the official ticketing supplier for JF19, will be considered invalid and JF19 will refuse to admit persons in possession of such tickets.

Tickets will be issued to attendees via email at the point of purchase. If you have not received your ticket upon its purchase you are advised to contact JF19, through joefest.co.uk/contact, as soon as possible.

Each ticket will feature the name of the lead ticket booker, captured at the point of purchase. JF19 reserves the right to ask ticket bookers to present an approved form of photo identification before entry is admitted. Approved forms of identification are as follows:

  • A passport (not a photocopy)
  • A valid photocard driving licence
  • A proof of age card bearing a PASS hologram

Each ticket features a unique barcode, which will be registered by scanning upon entry to JF19. Tickets which have been scanned and registered will not be accepted a second time.

Once tickets have been scanned, a wristband will be issued to attendees.

Attendees are responsible for their own tickets and wristbands before and during the event. JF19 can not accept responsibility for mislaid or stolen tickets being used to gain access to the event by unauthorised parties.

Tickets and wristbands remain the property of JF19 until 00:00 on the Monday immediately following the event (12/08/18).

JF19 is under no obligation to replace lost, stolen or damaged tickets and/or wristbands, and any replacements issued will be wholly at the organisers’ discretion.

Tickets and/or wristbands are not to be used as part of or in conjunction with any offer or promotion, whether commercial or otherwise, except with the express, written consent of JF19. Any tickets/wristbands used for such purposes without the organisers’ permission will be invalidated.

Refunds & Cancellation

Tickets to JF19 are non-refundable, except in the event of the event’s cancellation, or in another exceptional circumstance determined by, and at at the discretion of, the organisers.

Applications for a refund should be made to management@joefest.co.uk, and received no later than three calendar months after the event.

In the event of any situation which, in the opinion of JF19 management, endangers the safety of festival-goers, it may be necessary to cancel the festival. Examples of such incidents include, but are not limited to, extreme weather, fire, breaches of security and large-scale medical emergencies.

In the event of cancellation, refunds will be issued according to the following schedule.

Before 8pm, Friday 9th August

All ticket holders will be refunded 100% of their admission fee.

On or after 8pm, Friday 9th August

Weekend ticket holders (including glamping tickets) will be refunded 75% of their admission fee

Saturday day ticket holders will be refunded 100% of their admission fee

Before 8pm, Saturday 10th August

Weekend ticket holders will be refunded 50% of their admission fee

Saturday day ticket holders will be refunded 100% of their admission fee

On or after 8pm, Saturday 10th August

Weekend ticket holders will be refunded 25% of their admission fee

Saturday day ticket holders will be refunded 50% of their admission fee

No refunds will be issued for cancellations on Sunday 11th August. Please note that, as booking fees are not collected by JoeFest, we cannot guarantee that these will be refundable.

Event Security

You may be body/bag searched upon entry, during or when leaving the event.

Items deemed capable of being used as a weapon and/or causing harm or offence to any person will not be permitted onto site. For an inexhaustive list of such items please see Prohibited Items.

Attendees are not permitted to behave in a disorderly manner or in a way that has an adverse effect on public safety, that causes a public nuisance, or can otherwise be considered anti-social.

Unacceptable behaviour that can lead to eviction includes, but is not limited to:

  • Illegal activity (including the possession of drugs/’legal highs’)
  • Offensive behaviour
  • Throwing of objects
  • Encouraging others to behave badly by incitement
  • Preventing our security or emergency services reacting to a situation
  • Starting fires of any sort, except in igniting small cooking devices (see Prohibited Items)
  • Behaviour which is likely to endanger the safety of others.
  • Any other contravention of the terms of the JoeFest admissions policy

Anyone found not to be wearing an appropriate wristband on their wrist and/or in possession of official JF19 accreditation, or whose wristband and/or accreditation shows signs of having been tampered with or transferred, will be deemed to be an unauthorised attendee and removed from the event.

Attendees found to cause damage to property or persons, or disruption, the effect of which is the postponement or cancellation of the festival, will be prosecuted for the full financial damages caused to JoeFest as a result of their actions, including any money spent on the safe evacuation and accommodation of displaced persons.

Sexual Harassment

JF19 has a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment, and persons identified as perpetrating any such activity will be evicted from the site without notice.

Age Policy

Children aged 15 or under must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

JF19 considers that a responsible adult must be aged 18 or over at the time of the event.

Prohibited Items

The following items will not be permitted to be brought onto the site at JF19: aerosols over 250ml, airhorns, fireworks, flares, glass, illegal substances, drugs, ‘legal highs’, anything which JF19 might deem to count as an offensive weapon, laser equipment or pens, megaphones, nitrous oxide, sky or ‘Chinese’ lanterns, sound systems, spray cans, tabards or high visibility jackets.

Small camping stoves or BBQs, and appropriately-sized accompanying gas cansiters, will be permitted to be brought the campsite at the discretion of JF19 management, on the condition that the attendee can demonstrate a suitable means of keeping them off the ground at all times while in use.

Camping stoves, BBQs and alcohol may not be taken into the arena without the express, written permission of JF19.

Nobody will be permitted to bring a generator onto site unless they have the express, written permission of JF19 or the generator is a permanent fixture in their campervan.

Volumes of food, tobacco or alcohol deemed to be above a level that one individual could reasonably expect to consume over the course of the event will be confiscated.

Under 18s are not permitted to purchase or consume alcohol whilst attending JF19.

It is illegal for persons aged 18 or over to purchase alcohol on the behalf of under 18s.

Professional recording equipment may not be brought onto site without the authorisation of JF18, nor may personal recording devices such as mobile phones be used to record material that might then be used for commercial gain.

Fire and Safety

Fires are not permitted anywhere on site, except for any officially designated JF19 campfires.

Besides fuel purchased for official JF19 campfires, or for use in authorised food and beverage outlets, when lighting tobacco products in permitted smoking areas, or lighting approved camping stoves and/or BBQs in approved campsite cooking areas, nobody is permitted to burn or set fire to any product or substance.

Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public spaces, including but not limited to buildings and tents of any description, at JF19.

Exposure to loud music may cause damage to your hearing, and you are advised by JF19 to investigate appropriate means of protecting your hearing from damage before attending the festival.

Pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, lighting and special effects may be used during performances.

The use of drones, or similar such equipment, is not permitted on site at JF19 without the express, written permission of the organisers.

Loss or Damage

JF19 cannot accept liability for loss of or damage to persons or property whilst at the festival.

Further information

You are urged to submit a query at joefest.co.uk/contact if you require clarification of any of the above.

Persons with disabled access requirements are invited to discuss their needs as far as possible in advance of the event by contacting us at joefest.co.uk/contact.

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