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Getting To JoeFest


This year, we’ll be returning to the picturesque surrounds of the Stourton Estate, situated between the village of Wragby and Horncastle, and within easy reach of the city of Lincoln.

We’ve put together some directions which you might find helpful, particularly if you’re joining us at JoeFest for the first time.

Whichever way you’re coming to JoeFest, please remember that following your sat nav will take you to the wrong gate. It’ll be ok for getting you to the general area of the estate, but when you’re a couple of minutes away you’ll probably want to use the directions below or keep an eye out for our roadside signs to avoid taking a wrong turn.

NEW: You can now search for JoeFest on Google Maps, and receive directions to the correct entrance. Happy days.

Getting to JoeFest by Car

All entrances to the festival are accessible via the estate’s Clays Lane turning off the A158 between Wragby and Horncastle. Over the course of the weekend it will be very clearly signposted.

If you’re travelling eastbound, the turning is on your left just before you reach the village of Baumber. If you’re heading westbound, away from Horncastle, head through Baumber and then keep an eye out for the signs and the turning on your right.

Getting to JoeFest by Train

If you’re coming to the festival from further afield, the nearest station to the festival is Lincoln.

Once you arrive in Lincoln you will need to make arrangements to get the rest of the way to the festival, as bus services between Lincoln and Horncastle aren’t great (see below).

We will be releasing details of a Lincoln – JoeFest coach service shortly, whilst our friends at The Lincolnite have put together a very helpful list of taxi services in Lincoln, one of which should be able to ferry you out to Stourton fairly cheaply, particularly if there are a few of you splitting the fare.

Getting to JoeFest by Coach/Bus

We will be putting on a coach service between Lincoln and the festival site. The coach will leave Lincoln on Friday afternoon, and return on Sunday morning, and there will be a small charge to cover putting on the cost of the coach. Keep your eyes peeled for more details.

Unfortunately, the public bus services going past Stourton Estates aren’t the best. Not only to they finish very early in the day, but there is also no footpath between the nearest bus stop and Stourton Estates.

For this reason, we really can’t recommend taking the bus. It’s neither convenient nor safe. If you are planning on taking public transport then we’d advise getting the bus as far as Baumber, and then arranging another form of transportation, such as a taxi, for the short trip from Baumber to JoeFest.

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